2017 Review: ADFA Knights

It was a tough 2017 for the ADFA Knights but their men’s side showed glimpes of improvement.

George Tooke Shield

Position:  9th
Win/Loss/Draw:3 – 11 – 0
Points For: 130
Points Against: 607

The ADFA Knights improved steadily in 2017 as they clamed three wins for the season.

The Knights managed to defeated Gunning, Boomanulla and the UC Grizzlies as they managed one more win than they did in 2016.

Although ADFA finished level on points with Boomanulla, their for and against was vastly inferior as the Knights struggled in attack and defence. ADFA ranked 9th in both of these disciplines.


George Tooke Shield Ladies League Tag

Position:  10th
Win/Loss/Draw: 0 – 14 – 0
Points For: 26
Points Against: 670

It was a tough year for the ADFA Knights in the Ladies League Tag as they were unable to claim a win in 2017.

Having claimed a solitary win in 2016, ADFA were unable to recreate a victory as they struggle to score points.

The Knights had the tenth best attack and defence in the competition.