Blumers Good Sports Award – Shane and Hailey Read

Congratulations to Shane and Hailey Read who have won the Blumers Good Sports Award for their service to the Gungahlin Bulls Juniors.

They will receive a $50 Raiders Group bistro voucher that can be used at any of the Raiders clubs.

If you know someone who is deserving of this award, please message us on Facebook and tell us why they should be our next winner.

Here is the nomination we received for Hailey and Shane:

I’d like to nominate Hailey Read and Shane Read, who are the Bull’s club Secretary and President.

I don’t know Shane and Hailey that well but can see that they’re great people who put in huge amounts of effort to benefit other families and the game of football week-in-week-out.

Hailey and Shane both have kids with the club, but unlike most parents who do what they can to help out now and again, both Hailey and Shane have taken on roles in the club that involve huge amounts of effort, lots of complaints and problems to solve, and very little thanks.

I know both Hailey and Shane put in HUGE hours for the club each week (sometimes 20 hours or more) on top of their actual jobs and if there’s a problem (e.g. there were recently some problems with the sizing and numbering in junior teams across the club), they take it on themselves to solve the problem and generally do so without thanks or recognition.

I know the club’s struggled with finances in recent years, and the board (led by Hailey and Shane) is going above and beyond to try to get it back on an even footing. All of this MUST be done a significant personal cost to both Hailey and Shane, but they continue to chip away (… or slave away) without fanfare for recognition.

Despite this, they’re always looking to give others playing small roles in the club a pat on the back and will do things like fill in as first-aider/trainer or go around to the junior teams and give them a pre-game pep talk and support the coaches.

It’d be great if they could be recognised for the huge effort they put in each week to help.

Further to last, Hailey’s also the first aid coordinator and works to make sure each of 20 or so junior teams has an NRL-qualified first aider/trainer available to support volunteer every team every week. That in itself must be a massive task, let alone taking on the significant duties of club secretary!