Blumers Lawyers Good Sport Award – Sean Doble

Our Blumers Lawyers Good Sports Award goes to Sean Doble from the Tuggeranong Buffaloes.

If you know somebody who deserves this award, send us a message on Facebook telling us why.

Sean was nominated by Johanna Bahr who sent in the following:

Sean Doble is the coaching coordinator and coach of the Under 8 Gold Team for the Tuggeranong Buffaloes.

Every week he puts so many hours into the club and into his team. Two weekend’s ago he was up at 5am on Saturday to drive to Bega for a carnival and then on Sunday he was at the fields by 6:30am to ensure they were all set up.

He is a great asset to our club and he really deserves recognition for all his hard work even though he will tell you it is all for the kids.

He is teaching our Under 8s that winning is not everything but he ensures that they have fun and really praises them when they do well on the field.