Blumers Lawyers Good Sports Award

Our first winner of the Blumers Lawyers Good Sports Award is Glen Dwyer from the Gungahlin Bulls Juniors.

As a result, Glen will receive a $50 Raiders Club bistro voucher.

If you would like to nominate anyone for this award, send us a message on Facebook or email and explain why you have nominated them.

This award can apply anyone from playing Under 6’s to someone playing First Grade for displaying this type of behaviour. Eg. Consistently helping pack up training, helping an opposition player.

It can also be given to a volunteer at the club such as someone who helps at the canteen or sets up the field.

Glen Dwyer – Nomination

Glen, is an awesome dude and is coaching the under 9s this year and assisting other teams and players wherever he can. I know Glen puts in a lot of thought and effort to be the best coach he can. Last year, he got injured at work and was struggling in pain (and still is to some extent) but never stopped coaching.

Glen also (unofficially) trains and mentors my older boys who he met through coaching their little brother – to make them better footballers and people. That’s indicative of the way he operates generally – he wants to help all of the kids he coaches improve individually and play together as a team.

Glen’s U8 Yellows went through the season pretty much undefeated. He did this, not by relying on one or two star players who get all the runs (which has been a frustration with other coaches in teams my kids have played for) but by getting them to play as a team. I know Glen does things like setting individual achievement/development goals for each of the kids and thinks about what will work with each of the kids according to their skills and personality.

Glen also coaches OzTag in the off season (including a bunch of Bulls players) and coached his U14/15 side (which included several Bulls Under 13 Silvers players) to win their comp over summer.

He’s an extraordinary bloke and my kids are fortunate to know him.