Canberra Raiders Under 16/17 Girls Development Squad Announced

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected in the Canberra Raiders Under 16/17 Development Squad.

Training will be one day a week and will commence at Northbourne Oval on Wednesday 20th June at 5:00pm sharp. It is advisable to be at least half an hour early to the first training session.

This is a great opportunity for the girls selected and we are looking forward to having you join the Canberra Raiders Development program.

If for any reason you are unable to join the program please contact Canberra Raiders Head Quarters on 6253 3515 or email Dean Souter at

Canberra Raiders Under 16/17 Development Squad

Blackwell, Krystal
Campbell, Taysha-Lee
Carter, Ashley
Collis, Jasmine
Davis, Gabbie
Elliott, Geena
Haridemos, Krystyana
Kelley, Jasmine
Martin, Grace
McGrath-West, Tara
Osztrenkovics, Klaudia
Poidevin, Samantha
Rankin, Brianna
Tilo, Tijuana
Tooth, Madyson
Tupai, Ivy
Tyrrell, Shakira
Waihape, Zali
Wilkin, Carly
Hoffman, Emily

14 & 15 GIRLS

Dodson, Maddie
Hetaraka, Teliya
Lomas, Aaliyah
Malama, Anjellina
Turton, Ashleigh