Canberra Region Open Women’s Representative Side

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the Canberra Region Open Women’s Representative side.

The Canberra Region side will take on the Riverina on Saturday, March 10 in Wagga Wagga.



Abbey Kimber

Abbie Rhodes

Alannah Fraser

Amanda Kyburz

Cailah Welch

Caitlin Turnbull

Catherine Carling

Cherie Potts

Claudia Obst

Courtney Frankl

Emily Banks

Emma Walters

Gabrielle Suckling

Jess Howard

Logan Davis

Natasha Brunhuber

Nirvana Ngan-Woo

Nora Lal

Paremo Marsh

Paris Robinson

Pearl Rakete

Remi Wilton

Samantha Bodle

Sammie Wood

Sarah Clifford

Shannon Sanz

Sharmay Brierley

Shelbie Catania

Tamika Murphy

Taylah Frost