Coaches & Managers Wanted: ACT Schools Rugby League Council

The ACT Schools Rugby League Council is calling for nominations for the positions of Coach and Manager for the ACT Schools Rugby League 18 Years and 15 Years teams. Nominations will close on Friday 24th November. No late nominations will be accepted.

The 15 Years team will compete in Brisbane, QLD between 30th July and 5th July 2019. These dates are during the school term; teachers appointed to this team will have their relief covered for a period of 5 school days.

The 18 Years team will compete in Canberra, ACT between 14th July and 19th July, 2019. These dates fall during School holidays, teachers appointed will be asked to forego a week of their holidays as a part of their commitment to the team.

Preference may be given to teachers who hold suitable qualifications.





N.B. ALL APPLICATIONS (No longer than 2 pages) SHOULD BE SENT VIA EMAIL TO: by 23rd November 2018.