CRRL Supports Shoosh For Kids

Canberra Region Rugby League is supporting the NSW Office of Sport’s campaign ‘Shoosh for Kids’ to promote positive sideline behaviour at junior sporting events.

Running from 15 to 21 May Canberra Region Rugby League is encouraging all members to support the cause, with the aim of keeping kids playing sport.

Canberra Region Rugby League General Manager, Mark Vergano, said it is important for parents and officials to be an influence in building children’s self esteem rather than reinforce negativety.

“Our game is built on respect. Respect for the rules, respect for fair play and respect for our officials,” Vergano said. “We want Shoosh for Kids week to reflect the positive nature of our game with appreciation by applauding positive performances. Shoosh gives us time to think and react in a positive manner, not the emotional outburst that is later regretted.”

Office of Sport Chief Executive Matt Miller said sport is such an important part of our lives, with so many recognised health and social benefits. We want to ensure that all players, officials and spectators, have a positive experience.

“We want everyone, especially children, to continue their involvement in sport because it’s a fun and encouraging environment for everyone.

“Most people do the right thing. However, the sports we are working with want to remind spectators that there is no place for negative comments in local sport,” Mr Miller said.

If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!

If your comment is directed at a player, then SHOOSH!

If you comment is directed at a referee or match official, then SHOOSH!

Reward good play by both teams with applause; if you can’t then SHOOSH!

Show respect to players and game officials. Remember it’s their game.

Winter sports supporting Shoosh for Kids Week include AFL NSW/ACT, Basketball NSW, Country Rugby League, Football NSW, Hockey NSW, Netball NSW and NSW Rugby Union.