CRRL Thanks Tim Gavel and Bronwyn Fagan for Service to ACT Sport

Canberra Region Rugby League would like to thank Tim Gavel and Bronwyn Fagan for their service to sport within the Canberra region after the ABC Canberra Grandstand duo retired from their roles last Saturday.

Both Tim and Bronwyn have been diligent ambassadors for local sport and their contribution to the rugby league community has been appreciated by all.

CRRL General Manager Mark Vergano said that ABC Grandstand had become an institution over the last 17 years in Canberra local sport.

“Tim Gavel has always been the consummate professional; a journalist of great integrity and dignity and has always engaged in community sport in both his coverage of sports and the extraordinary amount of volunteer work he has done at a variety sports functions,” Vergano said. He certainly well-earned his title of ‘Tireless Tim’.

“Bronwyn Fagan (and Sarah Ryan before her) was a trailblazer in that having female co-hosts was almost unheard of before Grandstand.

“Bronwyn brought great knowledge across a variety of sports and has become an outstanding advocate not only for female participation but participation in general.

“I would like to thank them both for their support of community sport and their promotion of it in Canberra.”

Tim has been the voice of Canberra sport for 30 years and is retiring from his role with ABC. Fagan, has been producing Local Grandstand alongside Tim for 14 years.

Photo Sourced from Linkedin