Giannasca Named As Harden Head Coach

The Harden Hawks have named Anthony Giannasca as their Head Coach for 2018.

“It’s a nice town out there and it’s really nice to see them get behind the team so I’m really looking forward to next year,” Giannasca said.

The appointment sees Giannasca promoted from his position of assistant coach that he held during Harden’s premiership win this year.

While Giannasca is aiming to replicate this year’s success, he isn’t aiming to make drastic changes.

“A lot of boys are looking at coming back next year so the roster is looking pretty much the same,” Giannasca said. “There are some promising young kids coming through too, so I’m looking forward to putting them into the roster as well.”

Former coach Matt McLay will remain with the club after choosing to step down from coaching to focus on playing for one final year.