Junior Registrations Open For 2018!

Junior rugby league registrations are now open for the 2018 season in the Canberra region, with CRRL inviting participants to “play in a different league” next year.

The campaign builds on the success that came from the changes made in the younger age brackets which saw a reduction in field sizes and rule changes to allow kids to be more involved in a safe and fun environment.

Canberra Raiders captain Jarrod Croker supported the campaign and encouraged kids from around the Canberra Region to get involved with their local club.

“Playing football with my mates in Goulburn was one of the highlights of my childhood,” Croker said. “Being able to run around and throw around the footy was a lot of fun.”

NRL Head of Football, Brian Canavan said the game would continue to ensure that families felt comfortable and understood the significant differences between junior rugby league and grades above.

“At the younger ages, it’s all about the experience more than anything,” Mr Canavan said. “More game time, increased opportunities with the ball and a positive learning environment, where players are rewarded for effort, rather than penalised for mistakes.

“The emphasis is on fun and safety, first and fore-most.”

To find your local club, head to https://playnrl.com/register/ and register today!

The 2018 season starts in April and runs through until September.