Monaro Colts Team Lists

Round 1 of the Laurie Daley Cup and Andrew Johns Cup takes place this weekend as the Monaro Colts play the Illawarra South Coast Dragons at Bega.

If you can’t make it to Bega, tune in to the Country Rugby League Facebook page where all matches will be live streamed.

Monaro Colts v Illawarra South Coast Dragons (Bega Recreational Ground)

Kick-Off:  1:15pm  / Live Stream Available 

Monaro Colts

1. Matt Parsons (Narooma Devils)
2. Treigh Stewart (Batemans Bay Tigers)
3. Zane Bijorac (Queanbeyan United)
4. Christian Moss (Goulburn Workers)
5. Cooper O’Connor (Goulburn Workers)
6. Callum Bower-Scott (vc) (Bega Roosters)
7. Jordan Williams (Queanbeyan United)
8. Mitchell Atkinson © (Goulburn Workers)
9. Hayden Bradley (Queanbeyan United)
10. Isaac Lanham (Goulburn Workers)
11. Jonah Latu (Queanbeyan Kangaroos)
12. Henry Bruce (Batemans Bay Tigers)
13. James Cahill (Cooma Stallions)

14. Ryan Dodson (Goulburn Workers)
15. Bayley Hitchcock (Queanbeyan Kangaroos)
16. Luke Heckenburg (Queanbeyan Kangaroos)
17. Angus Marshall (Goulburn Workers)
18. Mitch Souter (Woden Valley)

Coach: Jason Kelly

Illawarra South Coast Dragons

1. Jay Watling (Collegians)
2. Joshua Martin (Thirroul)
3. Nelson Sharp (Thirroul)
4. Ayzak Bowman (Collegians)
5. Mitchell Heffernan (Dapto)
6. Jake Brisbane (Albion Park – Oak Flats)
7. Liam MacPherson (Western Suburbs)
8. Oliver Parrish (Berry)
9. Blake Barbuto (Western Suburbs)
10. Akima Opito (Thirroul)
11. Charlie Parrish (Berry)
12. Jeremy Mau (Collegians)
13. Sione Lufe (Albion Park – Oak Flats)
14. Kane Watling (Collegians)

15. Cody Mitchell (Collegians)
16. Duane Willemsen (Collegians)
17. Carlin Deane (Collegians)
18. Connor McNally (Dapto)

Coach: James Grehan

Monaro Colts v Illawarra South Coast Dragons (Bega Recreational Ground)

Kick-Off:  12:00pm  / Live Stream Available 

Monaro Colts

1. Ashton Naidu (Queanbeyan United)
2. Menker Lowah (Goulburn Juniors)
3. Jayden Young (Moruya Tuross
4. Mitch Day (Queanbeyan United)
5. Jordan Potter (Valley Dragons)
6. Mitchell Spencer (Woden Weston)
7. Tully Wilton © (Narooma Devils)
8. Remsy Lemisio (Queanbeyan United)
9. Jake Sasse (Goulburn Juniors)
10. Jack Grant (Moruya – Tuross)
11. Tyson Priestly (West Belconnen)
12. Noah Saddler (Woden Weston)
13. Jack Peppernell (Goulburn Juniors)

14. Ryan Hoare (Queanbeyan United)
15. Taine Woodford (Moruya -Tuross)
16. Keanan Ngan-Woo (Valley Dragons)
17. Joshua Waters (Crookwell Juniors)
18. Oscar Schmidt (Valley Dragons)

Coach: Brenden Bradley

Illawarra South Coast Dragons

1. Jye Patterson (Thirroul)
2. Dane Nelson (Kiama)
3. Alex Lobb (Western Suburbs)
4. Jordan Morn (Albion Park – Oak Flats) Capt.
5. Bailey Tooth (Milton Ulladulla)
6. Jordan Wolhar (Dapto)
7. Luke Millard (Milton Ulladulla)
8. Ben Byron (Collegians)
9. Giovanni Nassau (Western Suburbs)
10. William Webb (Kiama)
11. Jarred Hendrie (Milton Ulladulla)
12. Ethan O’Connell (Kiama)
13. Joshua Turla (Western Suburbs)

14. Tuakana Rangihaeata (Wollongong)
15. Braith Lawrence Foye (Western Suburbs)
16. Logan Stubbs (Albion Park – Oak Flats)
17. Cooper Askew (Shellharbour)
18. Liam Lynch (Albion Park – Oak Flats)

Coach: Glen Buffolin