No Return to Training for ACT and NSW Clubs

The NSWRL Community Rugby League has yet to sanction a return to training for all clubs in both the ACT and NSW.

Therefore, at this time, NO teams can train as they will be uninsured.

NSW Rugby Leagues Associations Chairman, Matt Brady stated the following:

“At this stage no training session whether in small groups or not has been sanctioned.

This means there is no cover for anyone to participate in any organised training sessions at this stage.

We have been in constant contact with our Insurers and the NSWRL, who have also been working closely with the NSW Government, on when we can return and what conditions will need to be followed upon the re-introduction to training and then playing this season.

As previously stated, our proposed timeline is for training to return at the beginning July with games to resume mid-July.

This will all be confirmed in the first week of June by the NSWRL, I thank you for your patience as we await further advice.

Please continue to monitor and follow the guidelines that we have and I look forward to seeing our great game returning very soon.”

Canberra Region Rugby League (CRRL) General Manager Mark Vergano noted;

“As the CRRL is affiliated with the NSWRL and accepts its insurance coverage, we have a duty of care to ensure all our players, coaches and officials are adequately covered when they train and play.

Without official sanction, as outlined by the NSWRLA Chairman, then we cannot allow any training to commence.

Whilst we are excited by the prospect of getting our players back into training we must put their welfare first and foremost.

We appreciate the easing of restrictions inside the ACT border and the co-operation between the CRRL and ACT Government with promoting a return to train, however, we need to respect the decision of the NSWRLA.

The CRRL has requested that ACT Sport & Recreation and ACT Sportsgrounds keep the rugby league bookings suspended, but protected, for training and playing as previously discussed.

As soon as we are able to get full clearance to return to training the clubs and their coaches will be notified.”