Raiders Coaches Assisting Monaro and Riverina Academies

Ricky Stuart, Brett White and Andrew McFadden were on hand last weekend to help train Under 16 and Under 18 teams in the Riverina and Monaro academies.

The players, who are preparing for the Andrew Johns and Laurie Daley Cups respectively, enjoyed the opportunity to be coached by NRL coaches.

Raiders Assistant Coach Andrew McFadden said that he valued the opportunity to coach the young sides.

“It’s so important for us,” McFadden said. “We definitely want to have that connection with Country Rugby League. That’s our bread and butter. It’s where we want our kids coming from, they’re locals and we really want to strengthen that relationship.”

Monaro Under 18’s playmaker Hayden Bradley said that the knowledge that was passed on to them was invaluable.

“He came and taught us a few skills that we hadn’t learned before,” Bradley said.