Raiders Women’s Open 9’s Final Team

Congratulations to the following women selected in the Raiders Open Women’s 9’s team:

Sarah Carter
Maddison Douven
Katie Glover
Bridget Horsley
Jess Howard
Irene MacArthur
Yolanda Maiava
Paremo Marsh
Grace Marshall
Hollie Massey
Yasmin Meakes
Jennaya Ottaway
Pearl Rakete
Paris Robinson
Sepa Salesa
Gabrielle Suckling
Talei Wilson
Remi Wilton
Samantha Wood
Jacinta Williams

Thank you to all women that came along and trialled, there is definitely some talent here in Canberra.

Coach: Sharleen Coomber

Asst Coach: Graham Willard

Manager: Olivia Boyd

Asst Manager: Deb Charman

Head Trainer: Kristine Dodds

Trainer: Yvette Croft

Program Director: Mark Vergano