Rams Announce Three Signings

The Woden Valley Rams have continued their recent recruitment with Ash Vivili, Scott Geronimi and Timoci Vatubuli all having joined the club.

While Barnes was influential in the signings of Geronomi and Vatubuli, Ram’s vice-captain Jeff Morgan managed to convince Vivili to sign.

“I sort of knew that I would play league at some point when I moved over from New Zealand,” Vivili said. “I didn’t know any clubs here and then I started working under Jeff Morgan and he told me about the Rams.

“We are a couple of weeks into pre-season and it’s clear that the Rams are a good family orientated club and that’s the type of club that I wanted to join.”

However, Vivili has found a couple of drawback of playing with his boss.

“He’s recently be dragging me to the gym with him at 5am. I don’t think my missus will be happy that I’m spending more time with him than I am with her,” Vivili laughed.

With Vivili and Geronimi joined the Rams from rugby union, Barnes believes that the two players will adapt quickly.

“They really wanted to come across [to the Rams] and have both liked what the club is about,” Barnes said. “I’ve watched highlights of both of these players and I think that their skill sets will be able to cross over into rugby league and make an impact from the start.”

Geronomi, who has played junior representative rugby union for both Queensland and New South Wales, is likely to play either at prop or lock while Vivili will push for a place in the backline.

Vatubuli also joins the club after representing the Tuggeranong Bushrangers and Canberra Raiders Under 20’s side last season.

“He a talented player and is really willing to learn,” Barnes said. “People with that attitude are the sort of people that we want representing the Rams.”