Registrations for M8’s are Open

Canberra Region Rugby League are thrilled to announce that the popular M8’s competition is returning this October.

The M8’s competition is a fun, hassle-free opportunity for children aged 9-16 to participate in a fast-paced and friendly footy format.

The eight-a-side competition will run for five weeks, with each team playing one 30 minute game per week on a modified field.

To join, simply click here and you will be allocated into a team. No player clearances, coaches or team managers required. Non-Junior League players are welcome and encouraged, limited insurance cover is provided.


Under 9-10s Under 11-12s Under 13-14s Under 15-16s

Venue: Ovals, University of Canberra, Bruce

Start Date: Thursday 19 October 2017 (five-week competition)

Cost: $50 per non registered League player, $40 for current registered League player, $30 for returning M8’s player (payable by cash only on 19 October)

Please note there are limited numbers per age group so be quick to register to avoid disappointment on missing out. More info email Adam Kyle

Registrations close Monday 16 October (or when capacity is reached)

Registration Link:

All matches are played as per the Rugby League Laws of the Game (International), National Safe Play Code and the NRL Code of Conduct, with the following exceptions:

1. Matches will be played on a maximum field size of 40m wide and no longer than 68m (i.e. across the width of an international size field).

2. Teams will consist of 8 players with no reserves.

3. The number of players on field will be regulation 8 v 8. If teams present to fixtures with less players, number of players on field will be matched by both teams to a minimum of 6 v 6.

4. All restarts of play following a try (i.e. kick offs) are replaced with tap offs, the team conceding the try taps off 20m from the try line.

5. TAP OFF to start the game (at half time as well). Coin toss to decide who taps off first. Receiving team in first half will tap off in second half.

6. Maximum of six (6) tackles before a changeover will be awarded.

7. No kicks for goal.

8. No kicks for touch – penalties will be a tap at the position awarded (restart of the 6 tackles).

9. Game duration – 2 x 15 minutes – centrally timed venue.

10. 5 min half time break – turn around after 5 min.

11. No scrums – turnover and play the ball to replace scrums.

12. One marker ONLY.

13. Kicks in general play will be allowed but kicks cannot go in the air (along the ground only).

14. If a ball crosses the try line from a kick, the ball will be deemed ‘dead in goal’ and a 10m tap to the non-offending team will be awarded.

15. All matches will be played under the 5m defensive line rule.

16. All other situations not covered/rules will be at the discretion of the Program Co-ordinator.