Ricky Stuart Foundation Round

Canberra Region Rugby League is proud to be supporting the Ricky Stuart Foundation this weekend to raise awareness for autism wellbeing.

Canberra Region Rugby League General Manager, Mark Vergano said it was a special event for the local rugby league community to help the Ricky Stuart Foundation.

“Rugby League continues to look after their own and to have the opportunity to help the Ricky Stuart Foundation from our Under 6s to Raiders First Grade is a special event in the life of our football community,” Vergano said.

Having two children with autism himself, Vergano said it is reassuring for people in the Canberra region to have the facilities that the Ricky Stuart Foundation provides.

“The Ricky Stuart Foundation does tremendous work in the area of respite care for both the children with autism and their parents,” Vergano said. “For parents to have a safe and caring environment to put their children and give them a chance to regenerate is so important for parental wellbeing as well.”

One local player who has been fundraising for the foundation is 12-year-old Hudson Fogarty-Apps who has autism himself.

The Bungendore Tigers junior has been fundraising at his local school and has even started his own Facebook page to try and raise money for autism wellbeing.

When asked why he was going to so much effort, Hudson said he enjoys raising money for The Ricky Stuart Foundation.

“I’ve been doing it for everyone who has Autism and Ricky Stuart’s daughter,” Hudson said.