Round Four 2020- Best & Fairest Votes

The Round Four Best & Fairest votes have been counted and finalised. The votes are accumulative and not over one round. Here are the top players from each senior competition. Please note that the Under 18 Girls votes are over five rounds.

Blumers Lawyers CRRL Cup First Grade

Silafono TITIUTI Raiders Under 20’s 6

Mitchel SOUTER Raiders Under 20’s 5

Jordan WILLIAMS Raiders Under 20’s 4

Terry CAMPESE Queanbeyan Blues 3

Alifelti NGAHE Woden Valley Rams 3

Tre HOLTEN-WILLIAMS Gungahlin Bulls 3

Mathew PARSONS Queanbeyan Blues 3

Jack WILLIAMS Gungahlin Bulls 3


Blumers Lawyers CRRL Cup Reserve Grade

Jonathan IEROME MOSE UC Stars 9

Jesse TAWS Woden Valley Rams 7

Cody SMITH Gungahlin Bulls 3

Samiuela TAHOLO Queanbeyan Blues 3

Kristian NORDIN-SKIPNES Woden Valley Rams 3

Luke ELLIS Woden Valley Rams 3

Jaiden DE ROOY Woden Valley Rams 3

Jerome MOSE UC Stars 3

Steven DEATH Queanbeyan Blues 3


Specsavers CRRL Cup Ladies League Tag

Caitlin TURNBULL Gungahlin Bulls 6

Belinda CHAPLIN Gungahlin Bulls 4

Tammy POVEY Woden Valley Rams 4

Isabelle MICO Woden Valley Rams 3

Carly HEYMAN Queanbeyan Blues 3

Jacinta WILLIAMS Queanbeyan Blues 3

Lily CROKER Gungahlin Bulls 3

Kody-Leigh HIRST Queanbeyan Blues 3

Rachel MORAN UC Stars 3

Caitlin ROBB Woden Valley Rams 3


Specsavers Katrina Fanning Shield

Nirvana NGAN-WOO Bushpies 8

Samantha WOOD Queanbeyan Blues 7

Jacinta WILLIAMS Queanbeyan Blues 5

Kristy HUEY Bushpies 3

Kasey DRAGISIC Queanbeyan Blues 3

Rebecca HALLS Tuggeranong Buffaloes

Payge-Louise CONDON Queanbeyan Blues 3


Blumers Lawyers George Tooke Shield

Note: the Gordon Highlanders v Bungendore Tigers round 3 game was not been played due to grounds being closed.

Robert SHEFFIELD Bungendore Tigers 7

Angus MARSHALL Gordon Highlanders 6

Jack BRAMLEY Bungendore Tigers 5

Thomas JOHNSON Gunning Roos 4

Scott BOUGHTON Gordon Highlanders 3

Liam GRAME Gunning Roos 3

Nicolas DOUGLASS Gordon Highlanders 3

Alexander RODHAM Bungendore Tigers 3


Specsavers GTS Ladies League Tag

Kristie MCKENNA Gunning Roos 6

Brooke MCKENNA Gunning Roos 5

Jessica O’ROURKE Bungendore Tigerettes #1 5

Annicka PICKER Burrangong Bears 5

Isobel IFFLAND-MIHAICH Bungendore Tigerettes #1 5

Georgia LAVERACK Bungendore Tigerettes #2 4

Jamie STEWART Bungendore Tigerettes #1 3

Samantha DAVIS Bungendore Tigerettes #1 3

Brydie MALONE Gunning Roos 3


Under 18 Girls

Note: no points for Cooma Colts v Gungahlin Bulls round four game due to forfeit.

Krystal BLACKWELL Goulburn Stockmen 10

Zali WAIHOPE-ANDREWS Gungahlin Bulls 6

Maddie DODSON Goulburn Stockmen 6

Brianna RANKIN Cooma Colts 4

Klaudia OSZTRENKOVICS Yass Magpies 4

Mackenzie ALCOCK Gungahlin Bulls 3

Elizabeth SULLIVAN Cooma Colts 3

Madyson TOOTH Goulburn Stockmen 3

Tikirah-Ann DOUGLAS Yass Magpies 3


Photo courtesy of Yass Valley Times