SportzCare ACT


SportzCare ACT has been established as a non-profit organisation . The aim of SportzCare ACT is:
“To serve the members of the ACT sporting community, by offering them the highest quality care and support in times of need, through the provision of a counselling service.” And to run seminars to train athletes how to help each other in times of need.”

It will provide the best possible service, without cost, to athletes who are facing a crisis and who do not know where to find the help they need to cope with the situation.

The need for such a service in the ACT has been highlighted by recent events in ACT sport, which have resulted in critical injuries to sports people, leaving them, their families and fellow athletes traumatised and in need of help. At times like this, understanding counselling from people who know sport and sports people, will be most valuable.

We expect that we will be called on to provide counselling in areas such as: – Personal Concerns, – Relationship and Family Issues, – Loss and Bereavement Issues, – Anxiety and Depression, – Suicide, – Alcohol and Drug Issues, – Trauma, – Stress, – Team and Club Related Issues, – Injury, – Loss of Form, – Retirement, – Low self-esteem, etc.

What others have said about SportzCare:

“I have been able to observe the incredible emotional and mental stresses that athletes are under in their personal and sporting lives … I am firmly of the view that there is a need for the services SportzCare will offer.”
Ken Norris, ACTAS Manager.

“… there is certainly a need in the sports community for the type of services that SportzCare ACT are endeavoring to provide for our community.”
Mark Cartwright, CEO One Basketball Canberra.

“SportzCare ACT would be a wonderful service for support and counselling in the racing industry and to other athletes in the ACT.”
Ray Silburn, injured ACT Jockey.

What SportzCare Is Not.
Although coming from the inititive of sports chaplains, it is not an attempt to force religion on to athletes. We operate under a code of ethics adopted by Sports Chaplaincy Australia (an umbrella organisation in Australia for Sports Chaplains). This forbids us from discriminating against anyone and from trying to force our personal faith on to others.

SportzCare are available for you. They can be contacted on:- Mob 0414177678 (04141SPORT)