St Edmund’s College Field First High School Rugby League Team

Rugby Union powerhouse St Edmund’s College fielded their first ever high school rugby league team in Tuesday’s Clyde and Rauter Shield carnival.

Speaking after their first match of the day, St Edmund’s fullback Daniel Shaw said the experience was one that his whole team enjoyed.

“We have a lot of union boys in the side so it’s good to be able to use our skills on a rugby league field,” Shaw said. “It’s our first league carnival so it’s good to be able to represent the school, wear the St Edmund’s jersey and play with the boys that we like playing footy with.”

The St Edmund’s side was one of 18 teams entered in today’s pool stages as over 250 kids took part in the Play NRL Canberra event.

“Our main goal is to always have fun,” Shaw said. “At the end of the day we want to try and win so we’ll play our good football, play within the rules and try to come out on top.”

St Edmunds ended up progressing to next week’s finals as they won two matches and only suffered one defeat.

The finals for the two shields, which are designed for Year 7 & 8 and Year 9 & 10 students, take place on Thursday November 8.


Rauter Shield (Year 7 & 8): St Francis Xavier College, St Mary MacKillop College, Melrose High School

Clyde Shield (Year 9 & 10): St Francis Xavier College, St Edmund’s College, Lyneham High School, Carroll College Broulee