St. Edmund’s Enter Legends Shield

Traditionally a rugby union powerhouse, St. Edmund’s College entered multiple teams in the Primary School Legends Shield that took place on Wednesday.

St. Edmund’s Health and Physical Education Teacher Trent Masters said his students really enjoyed the event.

“They are all having a great time,” Masters said. “The best part about it for them is that they are out here with their mates playing a sport that they love.”

In addition to entering teams in the carnival, St. Edmund’s provided referees for the day.

“It came about through the Raiders involvement with our school programs,” Masters said. “It’s been great over the last couple of years to get the Raiders Development Officers out in the schools and promoting the game.

“We have a lot of young fellas who love the game and are keen to play.”

Overall, the carnival was a huge success overall as 800 kids from Primary School on the south side of Canberra participated.

With the corresponding north side carnival occurring last week, the best teams will compete for the Meninga Cup and Daley Shield next Wednesday.

Legends Shield Finals Day Teams

Year 3 & 4

St. Edmund’s College
Gordon Primary School A
Holy Family Primary School Crokers
St. Clare of Assisi
Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School B
Macgregor Primary School
Amaroo School
Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School A

Year 5 & 6

Fadden Primary School
St. Clare of Assisi A
Gordon Primary School A
St. Edmund’s College
Holy Family Primary School Daleys
Amaroo School A
Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School A
Miles Franklin Primary School B
Amaroo School B