Tooke Talk: New UC Grizzlies, old fashioned club

The University of Canberra Grizzlies are the new team on the block and are very excited about joining a competitive and entertaining competition filled with history and passion. They may be a new club but they have an old fashioned way of doing things.

The Grizzlies have undertaken a massive transformation over the last three years accumulating in the decision to change competitions from the NSW Tertiary League to the George Tooke Shield and the creation of the club’s inaugural Women’s League Tag side in 2017.

During this time of change and growth the UC Grizzlies club board and coaching staff have instilled an ethical code in which the club is to follow to seek continued success.

Each player that signs on to play for the UC Grizzlies is asked to pay a small registration fee. From the university student to the ex-first grader, regardless of your position or status you’re asked to put into the club.

That ethos is continued at training where reputations are thrown out the window and hard work and dedication is rewarded. Negative comments are not tolerated and an environment where older players are encouraged to teach and aid the development of the younger squad members is well and truly in place.

With a healthy squad size this year made up primarily of students with the added value of some experience both Men’s and Women’s teams have already bought into the “No one is bigger than the club” mentality.

The newest club in George Tooke is looking to be competitive in their first year but most of all they’re looking to set the foundations of a football club that will be around for many years to come. A foundation where players will truly want to play for the club and hopefully with that they can hope for victory and silverware in the Grizzlies’ near future.