Touch Football ACT Inaugural Family Competition

For the first time, Touch Football ACT (TFACT) have run a family competition for kids and adults of all ages. The competition sees parents playing with kids, uncles, aunties and friends all playing against each other and in the same teams.

TFACT are excited that the competition has been able to get off the ground and the positive feedback received has been great to hear.

Nicole Bain, President of North Canberra Bears Touch, had a few words to say about the competition and hopes for the future.

“Well done to the Touch Football ACT for launching the inaugural Family competition. It is a fun competition that allows the entire family to do something together, which is kind of a little unique in a sense, as most of the sports we all do are separate from other family members,” Bain said.

“We hope that team numbers grow, and the competition stays as a standing fixture for years to come. It has been great watching the older kids trying to work out the value in letting the little kids, that play in numerous teams, have a decent run and sometimes seeing them score a try or two is very funny.

“You can tell the older kids are not comfortable at all with this concept, and there is a real battle going on for some of them to control their competitive natures. The parents see this as a life lesson for the older kids and a great bonding experience for all.

“Watching the next generation of kids, who normally stand on the sidelines, join in the game of Touch with the support of the parents and friends around them is a lovely way for them to learn. We urge others to come along and join in next season. The competition doesn’t run for long, isn’t played too late in the afternoon and it is a lot of fun to be hanging out and being active with you family.”