Toyota Centenary Trophy – Round 3

The CRJRL representative team are through to the the semi finals of the Centenary Cup after a 44-30 defeat of Group 9 at West Belconnen last Saturday the 31st of May. CRJRL led 22-6 at half time and thinking they had it in the bag, clocked off a little early, letting Group 9 to get within 8 points, before kicking away to win by 14.

 CRJRL                        44      def          Group 9                        30

Tries  Pat Clark 3                                          Steve McDonnell 2 

          Richie Allan                                         Sam Geale

          Ben Sione                                            Brendon Sing

          Brad Robertson                                  Kyle McCarthy

          Michael Dodson

          Nathan Tait


Goals Ben Nicoll 6                                         Baden Power 5

The CRJRL team now travel to Dubbo to take on Newcastle on Saturday.