West Belconnen Juniors Donate Training Gear to Fijian School

It was an eye-opening moment for the Leighton and Van Zomeren families as they travelled to Fiji to donate rugby league and school supplies.

West Belconnen Juniors Vice-President, Nathan Leighton, said that the trip was the perfect way to use the club’s remaining training gear.

“Over the course of the last few months we realised that there was a bit of training gear left over in our sheds,” Nathan said. “We thought we’d take it over to a school and a team or two in Fiji.”

After having taken supplies over to Fiji back in 2016, Nathan also wanted his kids and nephews to experience what it was like for the kids living in Fiji.

“Being our second time over there, we saw what their living situation is like – what they do and don’t have access to,” Nathan said. “I have two boys that play for West Belconnen and my sister has four boys that play for West Belconnen as well. I really wanted to show them what it’s like for kids in Fiji and how good we have it here.”

One experience from the trip that stood out to Nathan was when his nephew Riley handed a pair of boots to a child in school.

“The teacher picked out a child in the class that played football and Riley got to personally give him the boots and to see the look on the kid’s face was amazing,” Nathan said. “The kid came over and took his sandals off, put on some West Belconnen socks and tried on the boots. I’m pretty sure the boots were too big for him but he wasn’t going to let go of them that’s for sure!”

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